Full Name
Jason Jones
Job Title
Financials Business Capability Architect
Speaker Bio
Jason has worked at Mobil and ExxonMobil for 31 years and is currently a Financials Business Capability Architect in IT. Starting in the Controller's organization, he helped transform many sales, trading, and volume accounting processes. In 1998, Jason moved to the Fuels Marketing organization as Vice President of Mobil Diesel Supply Corporation where he helped build Mobil's diesel marketing business with the Petro Stopping Centers joint venture. After the merger, he moved into IT helping to merge Mobil and Exxon applications and develop his skills in business architecture, innovation, and technology surveillance. Five years ago, he was charged with learning what blockchain technology and cryptocurrency could offer and spent several months with some of the industry thought leaders. It was at the first oil and gas blockchain conference at Rice University that Jason met Rebecca Hofmann and others from the industry to share our enthusiasm for the transformational opportunities of digital and blockchain technologies for our industry. When he's not acting as a blockchain and emerging technology catalyst, you can find Jason in his garden micro-managing his 100+ plumeria plants.
Jason Jones