Full Name
Lino Quagliariello
Job Title
VP of Partnerships and Enterprise Blockchain Specialist
Speaker Bio
Lino Quagliariello started his career as a software developer and IT Manager, transitioning to IT consulting and business development. Lino worked for Gartner Inc. for almost six years, helping many CIOs to achieve success in their initiatives. In his more than 24 years of experience, Lino worked on projects from infrastructure to innovation and everything in between. For the last 3 years, Lino has been at the forefront of automating the deployment and management of Hyperledger Fabric, the leading Blockchain protocol, resulting in an exciting new solution called firstgen.io. Before joining MdxBlocks, Lino advised the Ohio Department of Public Safety on implementing a new Vehicle Registration and management system using Blockchain.
Lino Quagliariello