Full Name
Michael Szafron
Job Title
Commercial Director
Speaker Bio
Michael Szafron https://www.linkedin.com/in/commercialexpert/ - has spent the last 20 years working to grow startups and large public companies in multiple verticals. Through the 90’s he worked with a startup Electronic Medical Records company pioneering adoption in medical clinics across Canada. In Energy with Tesco Corporation, he managed global product sales activity. Michael setup the US division of a middle east based MRI company looking to apply its technology to the oil and gas space in the U.S. As a fractionated sales and marketing executive, he worked to assist Venture Capital Companies to grow new acquisitions revenue and EBITDA leveraging sales and marketing strategies. Recently Michael founded Spectrum Consulting LLC to focus on a wider base of clients and industries like green Carbon Utilization Technology’s and focusing on expanding the Canadian division of Henderson Rigs and Equipment. He was recently diagnosed on the autism spectrum and lives in Houston.
Michael Szafron