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Rajat Rajbhandari
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Rajat Rajbhandari, PhD is co-founder of dexFreight where he leads the development of machine learning applications for logistics platform, decentralized protocol, and other special projects. He is also a working group lead at the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI) and leads vehicle identity and supply chain working groups. In that capacity, he works closely with several Fortune 100 companies such as Ford, Honda, GM, BMW, Denso, Accenture, AWS and other global firms to develop blockchain standards and reference architectures for a variety of mobility applications. Prior to dexFreight he worked at Texas A&M University for over a decade as a research scientist. He holds a doctorate degree in transportation. He recently authored a book about blockchain that provides a comprehensive playbook for enterprises to implement blockchain. It is available globally in major online book stores.
Rajat Rajbhandari