Full Name
Feng Hou
Job Title
Chief Digital Transformation Evangelist
Maryville University
Speaker Bio
Feng Hou is the Co-Founder and CEO of White Fish, LLC., which is the creator of the revolutionary blockchain platform service Pistis.io. He also serves as the Chief Digital Transformation Evangelist at Maryville University in St. Louis and teaches a graduate level course Blockchain for Data Science. Recently, he has been re-elected as the Chairman for the Education Architecture Special Interest Group (EASIG) under the Linux Foundation.

As an award winning CIO, Hou has more than 20 years of digital transformation and executive leadership experience. He has led several successful blockchain initiatives in higher education. Based on these experiences, Hou has co-founded Pistis.io to focus on: 1. Provide blockchain services for both education institutions and individual learners; 2. Make blockchain easy to use; and 3. Create an interoperable blockchain platform for learners to integrate records from other sources and blockchain services to build their lifelong learning profile. To achieve this goal, Hou has led the Pistis.io to have created many innovative blockchain services including:

- Lifelong Learning Profile, a truly student owned lifelong learning credentialing solution which learners can continue issue learning credentials both when they are at school and after they leave the schools.
- TranscriptPlus, a dynamic transcript solution to include student soft skills and other achievements outside of the classrooms.
- A customizable digital wallet, a mobile app for students to keep and store their lifelong learning credentials including degree diplomas and transcripts forever that are secure, immutable, ready to share and verify. Schools that issued the mobile wallet can continue keeping the students informed of any new academic programs that may help the students.
- Issuance API, our data integration with any SIS/ERP to dynamically link student learning credential data to their lifelong learning profile.
- Blockchain as a service (BaaS), a blockchain platform service that anyone can create their own blockchain service and run on Pistis.io.
- Modular design, our services such as TranscriptPlus can be integrated into any school’s web service to create a seamless student credentialing service.
- Universal student ID, Pistis student ID on blockchain is more reliable than the social security number and provides an easy identity method.
- Pistis chain, a personal blockchain that is truly a personal virtual safe; it uses digital tokens and cryptographic keys to access.

At the same time, Hou has devoted his effort to supporting blockchain education. Pistis.io is now offering free blockchain sandboxes to education institutions for their students to practice designing and issuing learning credentials, and developing smart contracts on Pistis sandboxes.

Hou is also a nationally sought after speaker. Hou has recently keynoted at Blockchain in Education Conference in Washington DC and Interface - St. Louis 2019. He is a national leader for blockchain adoption in education, and a strong advocate for education leaders to 1. Educate themselves about the transformative impact of blockchain on education, and 2. Collaborate to create better education ecosystems for learners with their lifelong learning needs.
Feng Hou