Full Name
Eric Rubenstein
Job Title
Managing Partner
New Climate Ventures
Speaker Bio
Eric Rubenstein is Managing Partner at New Climate Ventures (“NCV”). Launched to tackle climate change with a holistic approach, NCV invests in innovative early-stage startups broadly across the carbon removal, reduction and avoidance ecosystems. NCV officially launched in October 2021, and has invested in companies that span the areas of climate tech, recycling, alternative materials, food tech, and energy transition, among other emissions avoiding technologies. Prior to founding New Climate Ventures, Eric held investment, fundamental strategy, and trading roles at Citigroup and Louis Dreyfus in their commodities and energy trading divisions respectively. A psychology major with a focus on behavioral neuroscience, Eric graduated Yale University with a Bachelor’s degree. After graduating Yale, Eric received his MBA from Temple University with a focus on global business and entrepreneurship.
Eric Rubenstein