Full Name
Pushkar Rao
Job Title
Vice President – Digital Transformation
Speaker Bio
Pushkar Rao currently leads digital transformation and emerging technology group globally within Worley based in Calgary, Canada. His key responsibility is digitally enabling industrial assets and identifying emerging technologies to strengthen Worley’s sustainability pathway frameworks and digital strategy. Pushkar Rao is focused on accelerating innovation through strategic partnerships and pilots leading to commercializing technology for utilization within Worley and broader energy industry ecosystem.
Pushkar Rao joined Worley in 2019 to lead Worley Digital Experience Lab group. Prior to joining Worley, he worked for a major Canadian energy operator leading autonomous operations technology in the mine. He has held several leadership positions in the technology and energy sector in his 20 year career.
Pushkar holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Southern Arkansas University. He also received a Master’s degree in Computer Science from University of Illinois at Chicago and an MBA from University of Calgary.
Pushkar Rao