Wednesday, September 14, 2022
8:00 AM
9:00 AM
Jim Claunch
9:05 AM

-    Understanding how emissions stack up
-    Discussing the legal framework of the oil and gas industry
-    Exploring ESG litigation risks

Douglas Heintzman
9:35 AM

-    Understanding why the consortium was created
-    Utilizing blockchain technology for future-proofing the industry
-    Modernizing oil and gas operations- reviewing past, present, and future of business operations  

Rebecca Hofmann Raquel Clement Rashi Gajula Vishal Mehta Raj Rapaka Ayana Talley
10:15 AM

-    Discussing the impact of private and public blockchain networks 
-    TraceCarbon: examining sustainability & emissions tracking use cases 

Victor Wong
10:45 AM
11:15 AM

-    Converging business strategy with technology to fuel innovation and transformation 
-    Discussing competitive differentiators that drive agility
-    Utilizing Al, IoT, cloud, and blockchain technologies to create solid digital cores, lower operational costs, optimize processes, and enhance real-time decision making

Rebecca Hofmann Frank Cassulo Geeta Thakorlal Heath Satterfield
11:45 AM

-    Identifying suppliers to ensure carbon compliance 
-    Examining and optimizing current methodologies
-    Estimating and forecasting emissions

John Chappell Jim Lawnin Eric Rubenstein Sriram Srinivasan Soheil Saraji
12:25 PM
1:25 PM

- Using energy enterprises to unlock a complete picture of operations
- Ensuring unified value chain tracking across commodities and regions via a single source of truth
- Identifying how advanced indicators (e.g., carbon intensity and ESG metrics) insets into digitized commodities. At the same time, how trade clearing and settlement can be facilitated and streamlined via intelligent contract execution

Chris Georgen
1:55 PM

-    What is Blockchain, and how does it align with ESG
-    Industry solutions via Blockchain: Maximizing value and network effect
-    Integrating Blockchain with other technologies

Raj Rapaka Richard Dwelle
2:25 PM

-    Understanding Ironweave and its application
-    Blockchain as a service and REST APIs to reduce development time and maximize benefits to operators in Oil and Gas industry
-    Achieving scalability, security, flexibility, and interoperability using blockchain

David Iseminger
2:35 PM

-    Examining traditional social efforts and discussing ways Blockchain can be used to improve them
-    Identifying the benefits for customers and operators 
-    Reducing greenwashing by holding oil and gas operators accountable 

Jim Flint Andrew O. Parker Tuba Khawaja Kristy Bellows
3:15 PM
3:45 PM

-    Addressing the immutability of disparate data on decentralized ledgers while ensuring transactions move forward 
-    Understanding what scalable interoperability looks like while maintaining proprietary privacy concerns
-    Where do net-zero green initiatives fit in? 

Jonathan Arneault
4:05 PM

-    Understanding how digital Assets and Defi will change the nature of oil, gas, and energy
-    Reviewing the impact of these new technologies on finance teams
-    Preparing everyone, from bookkeepers to CFOs, for these changes

Pat White
4:20 PM

-    Intelligent supply chains with transactional certainty amplifies predictability and agility by 10X when compared to traditional error-prone manual field service, delivery, and payment
-    Real-time data monitoring and accelerated dispute resolution improve performance contracts targets and success outcomes
-    An ecosystem of trust and transparency yields responsible controls and measurement and management of ESG performance in the field.    
-    Blockchain immutability deters fraud threats and cyber attacks 

Rashi Gajula
4:50 PM
Jim Claunch
5:00 PM
Thursday, September 15, 2022
8:00 AM
9:00 AM
Jim Claunch
9:05 AM

-    Learning how Blockchain is deployed, the challenges, and opportunities
-    Improving visibility of logistics and supply chain operations 
-    Practical use case of blockchain deployment

Dale A. Chrystie
9:30 AM

-    Answering where and why, to begin with, Blockchain implementation
-    Differentiating between operability and portability
-    What are partnerships and consortiums doing right now for the industry?

Rebecca Hofmann
9:55 AM

-    Blockchain: state of adoption
-    Blockchain and Value creation: How to best prepare for the future?

Hend Ezzeddine
10:20 AM
10:50 AM

-    Reviewing the value chain to understand where Blockchain can be utilized 
-    Analyzing various blockchain technology highlighting their pros and cons 
-    Aligning the technology evolution with company needs 
-    Understanding legal implications of blockchain technology 

Ozzie Hinojosa Adam Brown
11:20 AM

- Understanding what Bitcoin mining is and how it can be profitable 
- Reviewing the use of flare gas to mine Bitcoin, and its benefits 
- Reviewing the ASIC market and the value of Asic Jungle

Shawn Cound
11:35 AM

-    Extracting further value from Blockchain using the internet of things, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence
-    Creating a new operational backbone across the end-to-end value chain 
-    Sharing real-life examples of the ROI of integrating Blockchain with other digital technologies

Mahesh Sashital Shiv Vithal
12:15 PM

-    Debunking the myth of blockchain and energy consumption 
-    Blockchain and ESG: “A match made in heaven”
-    Success stories from the industry
-    Looking ahead: the digital road to Net Zero

Juan Miguel Perez Rosas
12:45 PM
1:45 PM

-    Understanding the core Properties of Blockchain 
-    Unpacking the complexity of seismic transactions 
-    Using Blockchain and smart contracts to simplify and protect ownership rights 

Agustin Diz Cindy Cummings
2:15 PM

-    Overview of what PTP is and where it's used in the value chain
-    Highlighting Blockchain's impact on the PTP process
-    Showing value using current examples 

Lynn K. Rouse Pushkar Rao
2:45 PM

-    Proving the application of Blockchain in the AFE balloting process 
-    Providing immutable documentation and streamlining approval processes
-    Reviewing studies conducted highlighting the role of AFE balloting in calculating working interests, what did the study show? Have oil and gas operators adopted this process?

Eric Wright
3:15 PM
3:45 PM

-    Rewarding sustainable behavior can drive revenue growth and manage risk
-    Discussing why investment in technology is foundational for success
-    Enabling traceability, ensuring provenance, and providing cross-lifecycle visibility of products and dynamic contract settlements
-    Verifying credentials, permission information, and reducing redundant diligence to sufficiently manage risk from onboarding to access management

Erik Funfar Rajat Kapur Tom Garlick Anita Nair
4:30 PM

-    Reducing emissions and enhancing ESG strategies, programs and performance
-    Capturing flared natural gas and converting to usable onsite energy
-    Powering mobile data centres for Bitcoin mining
-    Monetizing an otherwise wasted resource via blockchain, with zero cost of storage or transfer
-    Improving regulatory relationships for oil producers

Jay Barnard
5:00 PM
Jim Claunch
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